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Smartfruit Takes the Hassle out of Healthly with Ridiculously Nutritious Smoothies

Smartfruit Takes the Hassle out of Healthly with Ridiculously Nutritious Smoothies

There’s nothing like a nutritious smoothie to kick-start your day. Smoothies have been growing in popularity for decades now, and the reasons are clear. There’s no other beverage that delivers as many health benefits like a smoothie.  The reason smoothies are so nutritious is the multiple fruits and vegetable they are made with, which are loaded with vitamins, enzymes phytonutrients and minerals. In addition, smoothies are often boosted with superfruits, tonics and proteins to enhance their nutritional value even more.  However, making smoothies a part of your daily diet can be somewhat inconvenient and messy.  Keeping a variety of fresh produce, peeling, cutting, and slicing could be time consuming and wasteful.  An all-natural smoothie mix is an ideal solution that offers versatility that you may not have considered. There’s an abundance of smoothie mixes on the market today, but choosing one that actually delivers nutrition can be difficult. Learning what to look for in a smoothie mix will help make the process much easier and ensure that the smoothie you end up with is nutritious enough to meet your needs.  



Why Smoothie Mix?


While smoothies deliver great taste and a dose of nutrients that may otherwise be difficult to fit into your day, they can be expensive to buy regularly. Making them at home has traditionally been a pain. It often comes down to either daily trips to the supermarket or trying to make enough space in the fridge to store a few days’ worth of smoothie ingredients. Once the ingredients are on hand, they’ll need to be peeled and cut before putting them in the blender, and then you’ll have to deal with the mess left by the preparation. A smoothie mix makes life easier. Just pour a little into the blender with some ice and maybe some yogurt, and take your delicious and nutritious smoothie to go!



Read the Label


A lot of the smoothie concentrates (also known as fruit purees) on the market today are little more than thickened sugar water. To ensure that you’re getting a healthy fruit puree, just read the label. If the first ingredient is sugar or water, put it back on the shelf. The ingredients of a top-quality smoothie mix should be all-natural, easy to pronounce, and contain 100% fruit or 100% fruit juice. Reading the label is by far the easiest way to get a glimpse of what you’re putting into your body, and it’s the only way to get the right product for your personal requirements. Make sure to look for a non-GMO, preservative and additive free smoothie mix. 



Explore your Options


Once you’ve got the most nutritious smoothie mix on hand, you may begin to wonder what else it could be used for. There are some pretty great recipes out there for newly invented treats, but experimenting at home with simple ingredients can yield some fantastic discoveries. A little real fruit puree on ice cream or cheesecake is a delightful way to add a flavor boost. It can be added to parfaits or yogurt with great results, and for the truly adventurous, a nutritious smoothie mix can be used to make some very interesting new drinks, both alcoholic and virgin.

A delicious and nutritious smoothie is an excellent source of fruit, vitamins, and fiber. A home smoothie mix gives people the ability to create some outstanding treats without the growing cost of eating out or the annoyance of a messy kitchen. You’ll also be rewarded with a new tool in your culinary arsenal that can lead to some amazing new tastes. 

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